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New Name and Outreach   Same Great Mission and Team

Hospice patient with pet.Hospice Help Foundation, formerly known as Life Choice/SolAmor Hospice Foundation, has rebranded in order to more closely define its ability to help patients at end of life, regardless of what hospice may be providing their care.

Our Foundation was started in 2008 by a group of forward-thinking leaders at SolAmor Hospice, who understood the importance of providing financial assistance to patients who had no other means of support, for services not covered by insurance. When SolAmor Hospice was acquired by Life Choice Hospice, the Foundation expanded its scope to provide support for patients throughout the country who received hospice care from Life Choice Hospice as well as SolAmor Hospice.

Since their acquisition in early 2015, our Foundation has become a wholly independent charitable organization, enabling us to expand our outreach even further, helping all hospice patients with financial need – no matter what hospice provides their care.

If you know of a hospice whose patients can benefit from our support, please contact us.

Hospice Help Foundation is a non-profit 501(C)3 charitable organization.

Email: or call 603-766-0444