Hospice Help Foundation

Hospice Help Foundation steps in where insurance and other support falls short, to help patients and families living below the poverty level by providing funds for critical items that bring comfort and dignity at end of life. Since 2008, Hospice Help Foundation has been providing assistance to hundreds of hospice patients of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Our mission is to provide financial support for hospice patients and their families who have dire financial need in order to increase their quality of life and lift the financial and emotional burdens that accompany a terminal diagnosis.

Many struggling patients and families empty their bank accounts to fight a terminal illness, and are left with no financial resources in their final days. We work closely with hospices and carefully vet requests to ensure that your donation has a direct and immediate impact upon patients’ quality of life.

Your gift to the foundation will help:

  • Provide rent, utilities, food, small appliance purchases and household repairs, so patients can remain at home for their final days
  • Cover the cost of transportation to bring family members together
  • Provide ramps, wheelchairs, and scooters, so that people can remain mobile for as long as possible
  • Provide incidentals for patients to boost their quality of life, such as a haircut or a special meal from a favorite restaurant
  • Grant last wishes such as payment of a veterinary bill so that patients and their pets can stay together
  • Help with the cost of a basic funeral or cremation for people with the most extreme need

Please donate now.

Thank you for helping hospice patients live each day to the fullest!

Watch our interview on Portsmouth Public Media TV’s show Don’t Dis My Ability! Thanks to the wonderful hosts Ronnie, Lee, and Pam for the chance to tell them about our work.

Marsha Filion, Executive Director
Email: marsha@hhelpfoundation.org or call 603-766-0444